Meaning of life

Meaning of life
What's the meaning of life


It’s not about how many friends you have, 

how much money you earn, 

nor what you look like, 

isn’t it?

It’s nice to have, 

but in the end, 

does it count?

Does it really count?


When you’re alone,

when it’s totally quiet, 

without any distraction, 

are you fine?


It doesn't matter where you are,

not even what time is it. 

Sunny morning or the darkest night,

what does it feel like?


In your inside, 

deep, deeper in your mind, 

do you feel rested, 

comfortable and free?


Or is your heart fighting, 

can hardly breathe?

Do you burst into tears, 

your body’s shaking?


Are you scared, 

feel sad or down?

Can you see the dark, 

wanna quieten the thoughts?



sometimes it’s almost unbearable, 

weighs heavily on me.

I’m responsible to get free.


I have to listen,

listen to my inner voice, 

I have to handle, 

handle my feelings and thoughts. 


I can’t see the rainbow, 

when there’s no light in my heart.

The more I love myself, 

the more love I can give and receive. 


Peace in my heart, 

respect for my feelings, 

questioning my thoughs, 

that’s the meaning of life. 




--> deutsche Version "Sinn des Lebens"






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